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Machine Learning

Machine learning is not a new thing anymore. There are so many things apply the concept of machine learning around us without realizing. Machine Learning have the ability to operate the system (learn, recognize, and make data) without being told what to do. It helps us to make decisions by the historical data.

The first time I saw the concept of machine learning is when I’m still in the kindergarten. I watch cartoon serial “Jimmy Neutron”. He has a robot form as a dog and fought with another robot. Jimmy’s robot almost lose because the enemy’s robot copying its movements and never get tired. But in the end, Jimmy’s robot wins because it’s harm itself and the enemy’s robot copying its movements. The next one is when I watch Movie called “Real Steel”, Atom (Robot) learn how to box and dance by machine learning (Atom learning mode). After watch Jimmy Neutron and Real Steel, I think machine learning is really cool and I’d like to learn more about it, and maybe create something from the concept of it.

Machine learning can be found in the medical field for detect disease from symptoms. Machine Learning also can be found in few social media, for example, is the face recognition in facebook photos and automatically tag the relevant people. Handwrite recognition, translator, sound convert, the spam filter on email, spelling check, and much more. The usage of machine learning concept needed by many people and so many fields can be fill by machine learning, it becomes the opportunity for few people who can see it. But, it also can become a threat because the machine can replace the human labor.

I’d like to make application for talking. Sometimes we need somebody to talk to and the application can give us company, it can give the advice and console the user. It also can detect few languages, so it can also be an app for practice.

Ernatasia Dwiyanti Juleyha


Odd Semester 2016/2017

School of Computer Science, Bina Nusantara University

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